10 different ways you can use our Green Gold Balm?

10 different ways you can use our Green Gold Balm?

When formulating our green gold balm the one important thing was that you could use it in different ways. If you’ve checked out our previous post on multi-purpose skincare here (& if you haven’t you should) you understand why these types of products are so good and helping you spend less & use less.


As a cleanser and makeup remover.

It’s perfect for the first step in your routine either in the morning or at night. As a fan of Clinique "Take The Day Off Balm" for at least 10 years, creating a balm that wasn’t just oils and butters but also had something that could create a light emulsion with water was important. That’s exactly what our balm does meaning it doesn’t leave any greasy or oily layer on your skin.

1. With clean, dry hands, scoop out a small amount of balm and warm between your fingers. 

2. Once you feel it starting to melt, apply to your dry face, and begin to gently massage in circular motions all over your face. 

3. Massage for between 30 seconds to two minutes. If you have eye makeup on, lightly massage the eye area until the makeup starts to break down. 

4. Wet your hands with some lukewarm water and gently use the water to emulsify the balm. 

5. Use a soft damp face cloth to wipe off the balm or wash off with water


As a 5 minute flash mask.

Disclaimer we haven’t personally tested it this way but some of our testers did and loved the results. The healing hemp and tamanu oils are amazing and will definitely leave your skin feeling super smooth.

Follow the same steps above from 1-2 by instead of massaging it in, leave it on and wash off as normal


As an overnight balm

As mentioned above the hemp and tamanu oils are really the star here. Take a look a some of the reasons why we love them (here and here). Shea butter which is very widely used in skincare is also a great emollient addition that helps soften the skin. With the added candilla wax which adds a little bit of firm to the balm, it also helps provide a slight velvety layer on top of your hydrating products to stop your skin from getting dehydrated over night as it can lose water. Personally and from our testers feedback, waking up in the morning after applying a small amount of this an hour or so before bed, the skin is soft, supple & plump feeling.

1. Scoop out a small amount and warm between your fingers. (A little goes a long way so apply sparingly)

2. Gently pat into freshly washed and moisturised skin or to any particular dry areas you would like to target


As a nail balm

We must admit this wasn’t an intended use but after having super weak nails for many years, somehow over the course of a few weeks of applying a small amount to each nail and cuticle, our nails are so much stronger and maintained a good length which seemed nearly impossible. We even went as far as conducting a non scientific  test and suddenly stopped using it on nails and within a week or two nails started to split again.


As a lip balm

Unfortunately the tamanu oil in our green gold balm is slightly bitter so this use only applies to the version here which has a nice blend of essential oils but that said we’ve heard from one of our testers. They said that it’s one of the best lip products they’ve ever tried, leaving them with amazingly soft lips in the morning. We can confirm that this is exactly how it works for us too as a lip balm. It leaves lips with a nice thin non sticky nourishing almost buttery coating & obviously smells great too. Great on top of any hydrating lip products to lock it in or on it’s own


It doesn’t stop there, here are all the other way it can be used


Beard balm

Body and hand balm

Tattoo balm

Massage balm (our version here with essential oils for a meditative scent)

Healing cuts and scrapes

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