Why is Ametrine Skin palm oil free?

Why is Ametrine Skin palm oil free?

Being a small palm oil free brand is possibly the most challenging thing. Creating oil based products, dry powder products or soaps is super easy to make palm oil free which is why most palm oil free brands stick to these categories. Once you start wanting to expand (as we plan to do) the true hard work begins.

It means weeks & months of researching ingredients, finally finding something that fits then going back and forth questioning suppliers and manufacturers to make sure they can 100% confirm no palm oil was used. More often than not, it in fact was.

As a creative minded person it’s pushing me to really use my brain and creativity with potential new product ideas so much. I believe nothing worthwhile is every easy.

The reason we decided on this path is because there’s already enough palm oil based skincare products on the market so why add to it?

After researching into the ethical, environmental, social, animal and human rights issues the mass production of palm oil creates it is not something we felt we wanted to support. It’s such a deep layered industry and topic with so much going on and still so much unknown and hidden in the dark.

Palm oil isn’t the actual problem. The oil itself is great in skincare and the different ways it’s been utilised are amazing due to it’s chemical makeup but it’s everything that comes with that which is the problem. Capitalism has driven the production to go unchecked for far too long.

We see being sustainable like a bank account. The further you allow it to dip into minus, the more in debt you’re getting and if you can’t easily replenish that & give back enough to get yourself out debt then it can never be sustainable. Essentially not taking more than you can give. When it comes to palm oil we have taken SO much, done so much that although there’s companies like RSPO, as cynical as it sounds we don’t believe it could ever be brought back into a sustainable industry or product. At least not in this lifetime.

That is why we vowed to be palm oil free. Even though the food industry is worse when it comes to this & were not even a drop in the ocean of skincare brands, we couldn’t consciously be part of the problem
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