Ingredients & Sustainability

At Ametrine Skin we work hard & do our best to make sure that we’re choosing sustainable options from the raw ingredients we source all the way until how our products are packaging & what happens to them afterwards. We believe there’s a chance at a more sustainable future & being able to happily co exist with the world we live in without destroying it. We can’t say we’re perfect & no one can do everything but it’s about making these small conscious choices as a team that’s going to make the difference.



We choose ingredients from suppliers or directly from farmers who promote fair wages and a safe working environment for the people who work to produce the raw ingredients. Our suppliers practice honesty & transparency with their supply chain being able to trace ingredients back to where they come from ensuring everything fulfils high standards & they’re certified organic &/or sustainably grown, harvested & sourced. We make efforts to omit ingredients we believe are being over harvested, causing damage to the natural environment & to the surrounding communities such as palm oil.

All of our products also utilitise up-cycled, by product ingredients which comes from the food and wine industry. This helps reduce waste as these materials would otherwise be thrown away, it also means we can reduce harvesting of precious natural ingredients.


Vegan & Cruelty Free

All Ametrine Skin products are 100% vegan friendly and does not or will not ever contain any animal-derived ingredients. We only work with cruelty free suppliers and ensure that all internationally sourced ingredients used are completely cruelty free


Palm Oil Free

We do not use any form of palm oil in any of our products. This includes and palm oil based derived ingredients (cetyl and cetearyl alcohols, etc.) are used to create our products.

We are diligent about in depth researching and questioning suppliers of our ingredients and only use ingredients we receive confirmation is palm oil free. 


Small Batch

We are a small batch, handmade, artisan brand. This means every batch is created carefully, slowly & is meticulously cared for with quality control. Our small batch process means not only do we only buy the stock we need but our ingredients and final products preserve their freshness & quality.



Everything gets considered when it comes to how we package our products and orders. All our products are in amber glass jars with aluminium lids, both which have the ability to be recycled infinitely & turned into other things. Whether that be recycling the jars in your home by removing all labels and using them to house things from spices to makeup remover pads & small plants, or placing them in your curb side recycling system to be turned into other jars, bottles etc.

When ordering ingredients from our suppliers we often get boxes full of kraft paper & biodegradable packing peanuts. Instead of throwing this away & always buying new packaging materials, we choose to recycle these when we pack your orders. The biodegradable packing peanuts are made of cornstarch & completely dissolve when placed on water eliminating littering. Our postal boxes, tissue paper & stickers are all made from a percentage of recyclable materials, recyclable & vegan.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

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