4 ways to live more sustainably

4 ways to live more sustainably

Trying to live more sustainably can be like navigating a maze and not knowing what the best things to do are.

Here are 4 ways we think are you can make changes today


Less is more

The easiest thing to do to live a little bit more sustainably is to cut down. When it comes to skincare this means either choosing multipurpose skincare that allows you to cover multiple uses such as our Green Gold Balm, multi actives to tackle different issues at once or creating a very intentional minimal routine. 

One of our favourite tips is using body cream as a face moisturiser. Apart from usually having less active ingredients and focusing mostly on giving you soft hydrated skin, its usually a lot cheaper and also sold in larger sizes. If you can find a body cream or lotion that is also a good texture to work with your skin type then why not cut down on one extra product. 

Buy in bulk

Just like cutting down on how many different things you buy and focusing mainly on whats important, buying in bulk is a great choice if you know theres something you already love using and it comes in larger sizes, why not. Not only does bulk buying end up being cheaper per gram or oz of product (think of how many people love places like costco and how much you can get) but it also means you end up using less packaging over time. 

Support brands trying to do things differently

Ultimately it's large companies and global corporations that are really at fault for the current climate crisis fueled by unsustainable practises. They should be the ones that are making the real change BUT it is smaller brands that are driving the recent uptake in people discussing sustainability. Supporting brands trying to do thing differently that aren't just doing it to capitalise on the trend and make extra money puts your money in truly caring hands.

Reuse over recycle

Recycling has been the main focus recently when it comes to packaging but in reality this is the very last thing on the chain of trying to make a change that we should be doing. Recycling still encourages using lots of packaging but if its recyclable thats fine right? Wrong. Not only does less recyclable packaging actually get recycled than we would like to hope but we should be cutting down on throwing packaging away as much as possible.

This is where reusing comes in. Reusing encourages us to actually slow down and appreciate packaging way more. Find interesting ways to up-cycle it like turning glass jars into spice jars, plant pots, decanting products from larger jars into smaller ones for travelling or popping into your bag. 


Comment some of your sustainable tips below.

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