How To Use A Manual Exfoliant Scrub The Right Way

How To Use A Manual Exfoliant Scrub The Right Way

First off we want to start by saying everyones skin is different but manual exfoliation isn't all bad. Not everyone can handle manual exfoliation but if it is something you want to use, here are some of our tips of how to use a manual exfoliant scrub in the right way.


1. Don't use them on broken skin or active breakouts

This is self explanatory. You should never use any type of exfoliation on anything that could be considered an open wound or active acne. That said using a muslin/face cloth can be a goo alternative as they're probably one of the most gentle types of exfoliation.


2. Slow and gentle

One of the biggest mistakes we see with people using a manual exfoliant like a scrub on their face is to try and do the job the scrub is doing by being rough, aggressive with the speed and applying more pressure than you would when cleansing. We believe this could be one of the reasons why people say certain scrubs are just too harsh for them, they can be but how you use them is also so important. The whole point of manual exfoliation is that it is doing the job for you by including particles like sugar, jojoba beads or something more gentle like adzuki beans or oatmeal. We believe in a slow and gentle approach when it comes to a scrub and taking the time to appreciate our skin while doing it. 


3. Add water 

Depending on the type of product you're using (if its mainly this may not work), adding a little bit of water can help "soften" the scrub a little bit more especially if it contains water soluble ingredients like sugar. This can help dissolve or spread out the exfoliating particles making it more gentle on the skin. This is also a great tip for almost customising the scrub slightly for whatever your skin needs that day.


4. Only use them twice a week maximum

Just like applying too much pressure when exfoliating, doing it too many times a week can have a damaging effect on your skins barrier that could take weeks, months or longer to get back into a balanced state. Keep the manual exfoliation if its in the form of a scrub or a facial tool to twice a week maximum to get the benefits without the side effects. Ultimately do what works before your skin but this is something you don't want to overdue, less is always more. 


5. Be carefully not to double exfoliate by using products with other exfoliating ingredients in the same on the same day

There are few times where we believe analysing the ingredients list for all the skincare products you use is helpful and necessary and this is one of them. When using a manual exfoliant or any type of exfoliant for that matter, you need to make sure you are accidentally doubling up and risking damaging your skin barrier. Exfoliating ingredients can often be hidden in products without them actually being marketed as this. 


6. Don't forget to use a soothing moisturiser and spf

Nourishing your skin with a soothing, gentle and sensitive skin friendly moisturiser after exfoliating is so important. We LOVE using a cooling gel type of moisturiser because it calms down any residual redness while still giving you the moisture you need. At this stage we advise to almost treat your skin like a babies skin. Take care of it in the same way you would a baby because removing that layer of dead skin cells to help cell turnover can leave your skin in a slightly vulnerable place. Protect it.


What are some of your tips when you a manual exfoliant and what has worked best for your skin?

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