Ingredient Spotlight: Shea Butter

Ingredient Spotlight: Shea Butter

Did you know unrefined handcrafted shea butter is one of the most sustainable natural ingredients?? 🌿

Not only does it have great skin benefits like being
✨an antioxidant
✨promotes cell regeneration & collagen production
✨helps reduce scarring
✨high in vitamin e, a & f

BUT even more importantly the shea trees grow naturally and do not need any fertilisers or pesticides & once the trees are ready to produce fruit they will keep producing it for up to 200 years.

It’s hand harvested and hand produced, a process that’s passed down from generation to generation which means as long these amazing communities are protected they can have a sustainable living forever! The shea butter we’re using in one of first products is fair trade but what does that actually mean??

There’s so many options of suppliers to get shea butter from, all the way from refined to raw & organic but we wanted to make sure where ours came from was giving back to the amazing women who work tirelessly, to collect shea nuts from the tree and turn it into the beautiful butter used in so many western products. When an ingredient gets really popular like this, a lot of times the community who grow up creating that ingredient & have been using it for generations get exploited by big corporations so that it can be mass produced. Often these communities are completely shut out of the production process, instead switching to machinery to make things faster and ultimately bring the cost down. These big companies are making all the money while the community is losing out and barely getting a percentage of it.

Using sustainable ingredients is great but for us true sustainability is when it also provides a safe and stable living for the communities that we’re sourcing those ingredients from.

When you buy any product from us including shea butter, it comes directly from the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society in Upper East Region in Ghana founded in 2006. The higher cost of the fair trade shea butter allows the cooperative to provide each member with free healthcare, better facilities such as libraries & schools, training & much more.

Our amazing distributor not only sells the shea butter at a much more sustainable price but also works directly with this cooperative & community over in Ghana using profits to fund some of these different projects & give back to the community.

Every time you buy from us, you will be doing something to help this community too ❤️

The fruit and extras that aren’t used in the final product can be used for things such a natural fuel, made into black soap which is great for the skin & more...absolutely nothing goes to waste!!

It wasn’t going to be a key ingredient for us before our research and development but this alongside other great truly sustainable ingredients are going to be at the centre of our range, as it will always be important to us to make sure our products are doing as little damage to the environment as possible from the very beginning of production 🌿
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