Multi-purpose Skincare - What is it, why we love it and why should you use it

Multi-purpose Skincare - What is it, why we love it and why should you use it


Let’s face it, unless you really enjoy and have a passion in skincare which is perfectly fine, you really don’t want to have a 7 product skincare routine two times every single day.

What is multipurpose skincare?

Multipurpose skincare are products that have been formulated in a way that they can be used for multiple different steps in your skincare routine. Some of these products may even be able to be use for hair, face, body, hands and lips.

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Why we love it?

As advocates for a more minimal lifestyle and making our skincare routine as simple and eco friendly as possible multi-purpose skincare has been a big hit. Not only does it give you more space on your bathroom cupboard or shelf but also means you can end up spending less money overtime if you choose consciously and carefully. In addition having to re buy lots of different products on a monthly or bi monthly basis just increases the over consumption issues we’re currently going through, increasing the environmental impact and plastic/packaging waste.

We internally cringe a little bit when we see photos of bathrooms shelves absolutely packed with products top to bottom. Although they may be ascetically pleasing, it can subconsciously make consumers think they need lots of products too which isn’t the case at all. We definitely got pulled into that at one point and am currently trying to finish products that we really didn’t need. A small hand of targeted products suited to your skins needs used on a regular consistent basis does way more than 10s of products used sporadically

We often see products marketed for one task when there’s nothing in the formula stopping it from being used as something else. One example of this are cleansing balms, specifically ones made primarily of plant oils, butters and waxes. These are beautiful at removing makeup as they melt down with the heat of your body temperature but unless they contain ingredients that aren’t safe or the best for leaving on the skin like clay or surfactants which isn’t common, then there’s nothing stopping them from being used as body balms, nails balms, a night balm etc.

With our Green Gold Balm for example instead of creating multiple different balms and telling you that you have to buy all of them we worked with our formula over a period of a few months to create something that will lightly emulsify when you use it as a cleansing balm or makeup remover, but is perfectly safe to be left on the skin and used at night as a nourishing occlusive layer after a hydrating product to keep your skin losing moisture when you sleep.

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Some other types of products we love that are multipurpose are

  • Hydrosol based toners

They can be mixed into powder masks, add hydration, can be sprayed on top of makeup or even as a face mist during super hot days.

  • Cleansing powders

These are usually a combination of clays, gentle powdered surfactants and other botanical ingredients. We love these because depending on how much water you add and the product itself, the less water you add the more exfoliation you get and the more water you add the more foam you get. They’re so customisable to what your skin needs at that time. They also double as face masks as well when you mix them with water or hair masks.

This is exactly how you can use our Qasil Quartz powder.

  • Cleansing Bars

If these are formulated correctly with multipurpose ingredients these can easily be used for face, body and even hair as a hair shampoo.


Who doesn’t want one product that works great for other things too.

Comment below some of your favourite multipurpose products

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