Planting two trees for every order with One Tree Planted & Ecologi

Planting two trees for every order with One Tree Planted & Ecologi

At Ametrine Skin it's SO important to use that we find ways to give back and make a difference even if that difference is only small.

We have partnered with not one but two companies to plant a tree each for every single order you make with us. At the end of every 3 months we also plant 2 trees for every wholesale order we have received from our suppliers and will be planning to expand this even further as our business grows.

One Tree Planted

With One Tree Planted we donate a tree in the Amazon Rainforest to support the reforestation in a place that has been devastated by forest fires and unchecked palm oil harvesting 🌲. This helps protect the forest and its wildlife while also providing a sustainable way of making money that does more good than harm.


Ecologi our second reforestation partner is an amazing company that not only plants trees but also allows us to offset our carbon emissions and supports different projects and communities from the UK to Madagascar. We love how transparent they are with monthly updates on every single project they're working on, how many trees have been planted that much, how much money has been donated and more.

With them it also allows us to have a page for you to see exactly how much we have donated and also for you to donate personally with us from as little at £3 for 25 trees.

Check out our mini growing forest here -


This something we deeply care about at Ametrine Skin as we are committed to supporting organisations like this every single day.

If you're ready to help us plant more trees click HERE

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